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ADVERTISING RATES for ACCP Magazine - to July 1, 2020

Advertising your goods in Antiques and Collectables for Pleasure & Profit is easy - and inexpensive!

First of all, here's what we offer you as an advertiser:

  • FREE professional design
  • FREE professional photography*
  • FREE image manipulation - if you supply your own pics
  • FREE magazine
  • FREE Paraphernalia entries - 2 of them
  • FREE web link - from our site to yours

Please note: * Free photography is available to advertisers in Sydney, some areas of country NSW, Canberra, Melbourne, some areas of country Victoria, Brisbane, and some areas of Tasmania. Call or email us for more information.

You might be thinking, well with all that free stuff their advertising rates are bound to be expensive. But not so! We've been very careful in keeping our rates as reasonable as possible so that every antiques business, no matter how large or how small, can afford to promote their stock to the thousands of people who read our magazine each issue.

Advertising rates for Antiques and Collectables for Pleasure & Profit:

Quarter page: $315
Third page: $415
Half page: $510
Full page: $895

You can SAVE on these great rates if you pay for your advertisement any time up to ten days prior to publication - we offer a 9% discount for pre-paid advertisements. And we'll email you an electronic proof of your advert BEFORE it goes to press, so you know you're happy with it.

We really do aim to make advertising with us as easy and as reasonable as possible!

If you'd like to know more, please email us at info@acpp.com.au, or call Craig on 0403 934 202 or 02 6653 5727.

Magazine Release Dates 2016/17

ISSUE 74 - Autumn 2020 - release March 3 2020 - Deadline for images and text supplied to us: February 10 2020

ISSUE 75 - Winter 2020 - release June 2 2020 - Deadline for images and text supplied to us: April 30 2020

ISSUE 76 - Spring 2020 - release September 2 2020 - Deadline for images and text supplied to us: July 24 2020

ISSUE 77 - Summer 2020/21 - release November 30 2020 - Deadline for images and text supplied to us: October 29 2020