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When you buy a copy of the current edition of The Carter Sisters Handbook & Price Guide to Antiques, Collectables, Vintage & Retro in Australia (2020-22 Edition) for $114 including delivery, we'll give you, completely free, First Clash (Episode 1) of the highly entertaining series Clash of the Collectables.

More info than you can poke a stick at

In The Carter Sisters Handbook & Price Guide you'll find accurate descriptions and prices of 7000+ items sourced from 180+ professional dealers. At 608 full colour pages, it has more than 75 major sections and sub-sections, important results from selected specialist auctions and new and growing markets, as well as expanded categories for several of the most popular sections. At 185mm x 260mm, it's slightly smaller than A4, is hard cover and has a protective dust jacket. It's compiled entirely in Australia, especially for you, the Australian collector. That means you're seeing the true Australian market value of each and every item.

RRP$114 (includes delivery and FREE Clash of the Collectables DVD - First Clash Episode 1, 43 minutes, value $15.95).

Australia vs Great Britain: It's the collector's version of The Ashes!

Alan Carter and Eric Knowles: Icons of the antiques world, decades of knowledge, continents apart but brought together to battle it out in Clash of the Collectables. The best of mates in everyday life, their patriotic duty leads them to outdeal, outrun, outsmart and outdo each other with witty asides as they travel the east coast from Sydney to Brisbane, racing each other to uncover the best bargains, cheapest deals and quirkiest items at each location, with their eyes firmly fixed on winning. It's a no-holds-barred fight to the finish and you'll have to watch all 10 episodes to discover the victor.

You won't find Clash of the Collectables DVDs available anywhere else!

Get your FREE 45 minute DVD First Clash (Episode 1) of Clash of the Collectables when you buy The Carter Sisters Handbook & Price Guide for $114 (includes FREE delivery).