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Australia’s Most Informative & Entertaining Antiques Magazine

I was wondering if you could please give me some history and the year and price of this washbowl and pitcher I purchased at Vinnies recently. It has an unusual picture of a man on the bottom of both. The bowl is 42cm diam x 13cm high while the pitcher is 31cm high. Both have some scratches of the paint rubbed off but no chips or breaks.

Any info would be a great help. I really enjoy your magazine and find it so informative.

Regards, Rohan via email.

You had a great find, Rohan. Your jug and basin set is English but the design is Classic Greek revival, also known as Etruscan pattern. The stamp on the bottom (of the naked discus thrower) is quite unusual and tells me it is by F & R Pratt and Co, Fenton and dates from 1851-1878. Pratt is most famous for its wonderful and collectable pot lids. I would retail this striking set for $165 to 185.


Australia’s Most Informative & Entertaining Antiques Magazine


I have a brown glazed stoneware shoe 16cm long. There is a small chip on the bow of the shoelace but otherwise it's in very good condition. There's an article in the Autumn 2016 magazine on stoneware and an illustration of a similar shoe to mine. I bought it at a sale of old wares many years ago. If it is collectable, could you please tell me what it might be worth?

Thank you, Anne A., Belmont, NSW.

Your nice little brown shoe is most likely salt glazed and is of a style from around 100+ years ago, Anne. I love these little model shoes and have a few in my own collection. They are usually unmarked. Mine were probably made by operatives in the potteries around Melbourne's north. Being from New South Wales, yours could be by the Mashman or Lithgow potteries. I would value it at around $250.


Australia’s Most Informative & Entertaining Antiques Magazine


I've been meaning to write to you for some time - I'm a big fan of your magazine.

I've attached pictures of an item I inherited from my great auntie (she passed away in 2010 aged 106!). Although she had a house full of antiques, I don't know much about this pottery vase, which measures 22cm high and 15cm wide. There's only one visible mark on the base that looks like an E. I have not been able to find any information to tell me where this vase is from. It's a beautiful vase and I would love to find out more about it.

Kylie S, via email.

Thanks for your email about your grandmother's vase, Kylie. It was made by the Braemore Pottery, established at Waitara in Sydney by Russell Cowan in 1940. The factory closed in 1973. A paper label was usually attached to the output. The letter on the base is an 'E.' As for value, I would suggest around $100.