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From the Editor

In my last Editor's Column, which was only in March, I wrote the fateful words: 'Assuming there are no natural disasters'. And then came the mother of all natural disasters in the form of Coronavirus. What a strange few months we've had, and what a strange future we're looking at.

I hope you've survived social isolation without it sending you around the bend. For me, it was pretty much business as usual because I work from home anyway, and for most of the time it's just the dogs hanging out with me in the office. But for the past couple of months mum and dad have also been here, putting their shoulders to the grindstone so we could send the new Carter Sisters Handbook & Price Guide to print on time. So, when the new rule of essential travel except for work was introduced, mum had a panic: How could they get to the office to do the work? What if they were pulled over by the police and questioned? (A very real likelihood, since Coffs Harbour seems to have the most highway patrol vehicles I've ever seen and there were hardly any other cars on the road at the time). We decided to go with the truth: they were travelling to work. But we just weren't sure if someone would believe a couple of escapee septuagenarians were going to work every day!

In the end it was really lucky that the oldies were working here, because on Easter Sunday I had a fall from my horse and had to be taken to hospital by emergency ambulance and have a dislocated shoulder relocated to its correct position. I was told it was also fractured, and that it may or may not resolve the fracture itself. And guess what? It didn't! After six weeks of getting about with a dodgy arm, taking endless painkillers and getting no sleep, it was almost a relief to go into surgery and have the operation. Only thing is now I have to wear a sling 24/7 for six weeks, with a further six weeks rehab and then three months after that before the shoulder and arm are back to their usual selves. All of which meant - it was very handy having mum and dad around!

But the other reason I'm telling you all this is that I turned out to be a lot slower at the computer when I was working one-armed, and that's why this issue of the magazine has run a little bit late.

Hopefully you'll enjoy all the features we've put together, including the cover story which is about the truly amazing glass furniture made by the British firm of F & C Osler. There's also a huge 15 pages of Paraphernalia, with literally hundreds of tempting items to buy. We hope you'll find something you want to add to your collection, because it's been a testing time for all small businesses and the dealers would certainly appreciate your business.

Julie Carter
Editor, Antiques and Collectables for Pleasure & Profit