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From the Editor

Who could have guessed that the Toilet Roll Challenge would be so popular! Not only did we receive lots of entries (with guesses ranging from 6 to 30 rolls) but we also got some interesting comments!

Gloria S wrote: 'I count 21 toilet rolls. That's how bored I am here in Bundaberg.'

Tony P in Malvern said: 'I've been spending too much time with vintage cars over the past few years so recently I went back to my first love - antiques - with a few excellent wins at local auction houses including a nice 1850s J W Hawksley powder flask in an online auction. This inspired me to again buy your excellent magazine and found in the Winter 2020 edition the Toilet Roll Challenge - what a brilliant idea to make readers look very closely at everything in this issue. I have found fifteen toilet rolls, including the one on page 8 and one hiding carefully in French side cabinet on page 80.'

Doug R from Penrith said: 'I just received your Winter edition, and wanted to pass on my selection for Find the Toilet Roll competition which I think is 15...will keep my fingers crossed. And may I add what a wonderful idea and one that brings us out of these troubled times that we have been through ...lovely fun and I am sure gets everyone in the spirit of having simple fun.'

Norma R from Bathurst almost had her magnifying glass out. She wrote: 'I found a total of 22 actual toilet rolls... there is one possible on page 23 under the black figure in Past Connections advertisement, but the picture is not clear enough to say definitely.' That's okay Norma, because you're one of the readers who have the correct total: there are 22 altogether.

Jacqui M, who guessed there were 30, was tricked by the blurred mirrors in the cabinet on the back page; we enlarged the photo by 400% just to make totally sure there wasn't a pack of 9 lurking on the shelves.

And Joan B. was so inspired, she sent in this little ditty:

Count the rolls, the competition read;
So I settled down in my comfy bed.
With a critical eye, each roll I espied;
Some were easy, so simple to find;
While others were cunning; and hid behind!
I counted them all, the correct number to call;
Now all I can do, is sit and wait;
The tension is real, which I really do hate;
Am I right, or am I wrong;
Will I be hearing the winners gong?

We loved it so much we sent her a copy of the Carter Sisters Price Guide even though she wasn't the official winner.

So... who DID win?

Well, we put all the correct entries into a very nice 1950s art glass bowl and the one we drew out was from Bernadette Ramshaw, who wrote: 'I counted many times and got many answers but I think it's 22. I hope I'm correct. 'Yes, you were Bernadette and we hope you enjoy your copy of the Carter Sisters Price Guide and a spare roll of loo paper!

Have look at the bottom of this page if you want to find out where exactly the dunny rolls were hidden.

You might notice this Spring 2020 magazine is pretty much bursting at the staples because we've added on some extra pages. (I hope it's not literally bursting at the staples - the printer said they would be able to cope!). The extra pages were so we could include all of our editorial content and at the same time offer our advertisers a bumper section of Paraphernalia, which means you get to browse through more than 320 items for sale. If you see something you like offered by one of our dealers, please buy it! Every time you purchase something from the pages of the magazine, you're getting the added benefit of helping a small business. And that's as good a reason as any to find something you simply can't live without! I hope you enjoy this issue of the magazine.

Julie Carter
Editor, Antiques and Collectables for Pleasure & Profit

Hidden Rolls: 1 roll - Page 8; 8 rolls - Page 43; 2 rolls - Page 55 (one is a painting of a toilet roll); 3 rolls - Page 74; 3 rolls - Page 75; 1 roll - Page78; 1 roll - Page 79; 3 rolls - Page 80.