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From the Editor

So... after the ship carrying the Carter Sisters Handbook narrowly avoided Cyclone Debbie by diverting to Sydney, and after the consignment landed bang on time but was held on the docks by customs, and after customs had x-rayed it and returned it to the container, the freight company collected it and delivered it to Coffs Harbour... where everything was ready and waiting to send them out except they arrived just after our warehouse manager (husband!) broke his ankle, and after he had been in surgery for a day to get it fixed.

Loaded up on Panadol and a stool on wheels, he valiantly directed the packing and sending of the books for three days, but it wasn't until after we'd sent the first consignment by courier that we realised same husband had inadvertently moved all the Christian names in the initial mailing file before it was sent to the couriers, thereby sending all the books to the correct surname and address but with totally random Christian names (he blames the effects of the anaesthetic).

And just after that, the courier company told us more than 200 addresses were not serviceable by courier, and this was after we thought all the books had gone, so after 4pm on a Friday we dashed down to Australia Post and bought them out of 3kg trackable satchels, and after that, same husband, still on his stool on wheels and with crutches and a leg in plaster, packed up more than 200 books and delivered them to the post office at midday Saturday, which is after they normally accept bulk mail, but after the Australia Post ladies saw said husband they felt sorry for him and unloaded three tons of books themselves.

So after all that - all orders for the Carter Sisters Handbook & Price Guide have been fulfilled. And please don't worry if you were called John or Jane or Dave or Delia when your name is actually Pamela... all names have now been restored to their rightful owners.

Meanwhile, we think you'll agree we've produced a bumper issue for this Winter 2017 magazine! We're travelling the globe with features on Japanese Meiji, Swedish glass, Italian frescoes and an Anglo-Indian designer, as well as featuring one of Australia's pioneering craftswomen in Nellie Payne. And if you're someone who looks forward to whiling away the winter evenings with a needle and thread, you'll love our story on collecting antique needlework. Or perhaps a jolly board game is in order? We've got that covered too!

In fact there's heaps to keep you reading, so enough from me and I'll let you get into it!

Julie Carter
Editor, Antiques and Collectables for Pleasure & Profit