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Concise Dictionary of Antique Collecting


The Concise Dictionary of Antique Collecting was awarded a Bronze Medal at the hotly contested Independent Publishing Awards, held in the United States each year.

More than 3000 books were entered into the Ippy Awards and we are THRILLED with our Bronze Medal.

It means The Concise Dictionary of Antique Collecting is now the world's FIRST EVER Award-Winning Antiques Dictionary! Buy your copy today...

The must have Dictionary!

Ever wondered what blind fret carving was actually describing? Or heard of an antique grommet, hippocamp or wax jack and had no idea what they were? Maybe you've seen a canted corner or resist lustre... but didn't recognise them. Well, wonder no longer!


The most concise dictionary of antique collecting ever to be released!

It's taken more than two years and literally hundreds of hours for us to compile. With over 6500 terms explained, all arranged in an easy to use A-Z dictionary format, the Concise Dictionary of Antique Collecting should be in every antique lover's library!

Designed for use by collectors, dealers and enthusiasts, the Dictionary includes preferred modern terminology, with universal trade terms explained and cross referencing to lesser-known terms - all in a handy 10cm x 13cm format.

Wholly compiled in Australia by the team at Antiques and Collectables for Pleasure & Profit.

It's a giant Glossary of Terms - the most comprehensive ever to be produced.

    * Over 6500 terms explained
    * Easy to use A-Z dictionary format
    * Universal trade terms explained
    * Includes preferred modern terminology
    * Cross referencing to lesser-known terms
    * 13cm x 10cm, soft cover

The Concise Dictionary of Antique Collecting is $24.95 including postage and packing.

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