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Buy a copy of the 2021 ACPP Calendar and you could WIN $1100 in prizes!

During the Covid pandemic we discovered that a lot of our loyal readers like to buy the magazine from the newsagents to support local business, but because they're not subscribers it means they can never enjoy the ACPP Calendar.

So this year we're supporting you, if you're one of those readers, by offering the 2021 Calendar for sale for just $15.95 including delivery - and giving you the chance to win more than $1100 in prizes!

Not only does it look lovely, but the 2021 ACPP Calendar also contains the dates of more than 100 antiques and collectables fairs being held around Australia in 2021. And this year, we've introduced the ACPP Quiz Challenge!

Each month of the 2021 ACPP Calendar includes five Quiz Questions for you to peruse and test your brainpower... and the answer to nearly all of them can be found in back issues of Antiques and Collectables for Pleasure & Profit (hint: the Curios and Snippets pages will be the most helpful to you).

To enter, simply write your answers in the space provided on the back page of the Calendar (you can photocopy or scan it) and mail or email your entry to us before January 31, 2021 to be in the running to WIN more than $1100 worth of prizes!

(value $699)

3 x Runner Up Prizes:
Voucher for Morpeth Antique Centre (value $50 each)

2 x Runner Up Prizes:
Carter Sisters Handbook & Price Guide 2020/22 Edition (value $114 each)

1 x Runner Up Prize: Miller's Collectables Price Guide 2021-2022 Edition (value $45)

Take our ACPP Quiz Challenge when you buy the Exclusive 2021 ACPP Calendar for $15.95 (includes FREE postage) and you could WIN! Hurry, Calendar numbers are limited!