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Travel & Shop The World For Free

Travel & Shop The World For Free
Author | Debra Palmen

This book is subtitled: How To Turn Antiques & Vintage Shopping Into Free International Travel. Now, if you're a bit of a sceptic you're probably already thinking, yeah, right. As if I can do that. But wait! Before you make a rash decision, consider this: author Debra Palmen makes her living by travelling and shopping the world for free. And she has plenty of hints for you if you're willing to give it a try.

Debra and her husband Doug have spent the last 30 or so years buying and selling antiques and vintage, and in this book Debra is sharing what they've learned. "I wish someone had taken us under their wing and told us their buying secrets when we first started," she writes. "We learned what to do over a long time, through lots of trial and error. But you don't have to... I'm sharing what we've learned. This book details exactly what works for us... All our secrets are revealed, from things you might think of to details you wouldn't guess."

The book is split into two main parts. Part One contains the How To instructions, such as planning an itinerary, booking accommodation, where to shop, equipment you need, shipping your stock home and dealing with the bureaucracy. Anyone who's read Debra's features in this magazine will know she has a very engaging, chatty style of writing and it definitely helps make Part One interesting, but it can't disguise the fact that becoming an international trader in antiques is hard work and a big risk. Which leads us to Part Two, because...

Part Two is the fun part, and even if you never intend to travel and shop as a business - and let's face it, most of us never will - you'll get heaps of travel information for wherever in the world you'd like to go and maybe do some personal antiquing while you're there.

Fancy a trip to the UK? Don't forget to visit the town of Diss. You've probably never heard of it, but that's the point of this book! Diss, says Debra, is an English hamlet with a population of 7000 and one of the most interesting antiques and vintage auctions you'll find in England. Spending some time in London? Follow the list of antique centres, shops and markets and make sure you're there on the right day for the best fairs. Travelling up to the Midlands? You'll need the chapter on navigating Newark: the biggest antique fair in Europe.

Maybe you fancy a path less trodden. Finland, for example. Yep, Debra and husband Doug have been shopping for antiques in Helsinki and you can benefit from their experience. They've also been to Bruges, Hong Kong, Monaco, Montsoreau, Paris, Morocco and Istanbul. You can shop for antiques in all of them.

This is a really nicely presented book. Each chapter has a stunning image of the area under discussion, and the chatty (and often amusing) tone of the text makes it a very easy read. And there's no denying the quality of the advice. For example, in the chapter on Bruges, Debra says: 'Something not mentioned in the guidebooks but well worth visiting are Bruges' charity shops. There are only a few, but they can yield a wealth of excellent pieces at extraordinary prices. People throw this stuff out? You'll exclaim as you scoop it up.' She also gives excellent advice on how to avoid the Queue Police at the Shepton Mallet Markets in England, and how to get in front of everyone else waiting patiently at Montsoreau: 'It's to your advantage that so many visitors know enough to get there early, but not enough to know the only rule when it comes to buying the stock: first in, best dressed. If you move quickly and discreetly, you'll manage to buy from a number of stands before your competitors realise, Hey! Someone else is shopping! While we're standing here like dills! The hordes will then bolt down the ramp and a buying frenzy will ensue.'

Travel & Shop The World For Free is two things. It's a serious guide for anyone intending to set themselves up in the business of international antiques trading, and it's a jolly good read for anyone who's ever wanted to add to their collection while travelling (wouldn't that be nearly all of us?). Only now, you can do it with insider knowledge. Highly recommended.

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Travel & Shop The World For Free: How To Turn Antiques & Vintage Shopping Info Free International Travel | Debra Palmen | Published 2016 Debra Palmen | 252pp, colour illustrations, soft cover | RRP $34 including postage | www.frenchandvintage.biz or call 0419 427 598

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The Bronze Lady

The Bronze Lady
Author | Kathy Morgan

Previously we told you about a new series of books by Kathy Morgan. The first in the series, The Limner's Art, was a really entertaining read so I was more than happy when the second one arrived in my mailbox. The Bronze Lady continues with the lives of the characters we met in The Limner's Art, but this time it focuses more on auctioneer Paul Black, who seems to be the target for the dispersal of fake bronze figures. I can't give too much away because I still have about 100 pages to go, but so far it's been just as good as The Limner's Art.

I love Kathy's attention to antique detail - you can tell she's been in the trade and her style of writing is tailor made for antiques and collectables enthusiasts. Both The Bronze Lady and The Limner's Art are part of the Woodford Antiques Mystery series, with more to come. And dare I say, they would make the perfect Christmas stocking filler!

The Bronze Lady | Author Kathy Morgan 330pp soft cover | 130mm x 205mm Published 2016 Stormybracken Publishing

RRP approx. $15 paperback or $2.95 Kindle www.amazon.com

Australia’s Most Informative & Entertaining Antiques Magazine